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My father first introduced me to the camera and darkroom too many years ago to name. I remember the quiet weekends in his Detroit research lab, anxiously awaiting what would develop in that darkroom. My fascination with photography stuck through those early years and I went on to earn my b.f.a. with a concentration in fine art photography from Detroit's College for Creative Studies. 

Over the years I've grown as an artist and always strive to refine my aesthetic but I continue to find a common trait of minimalism (and oftentimes abstraction) that has remained a constant throughout the years. My subjects tend not to speak words but rather speak to me about content, emotion and the soul that lies beneath. I tend to observe the big picture and then come in close. Simplifying. Noticing. Gathering the information I need to showcase the essence of that moment. It's how I see things if I could remember that memory as a photograph; combining visuals with an underlying commentary on man's interaction with our environment and nature's on man's, it's how I reduce the clutter in my head.


My work has been exhibited in print, online and in-person in Detroit, Manhattan, Brooklyn, New Jersey and most recently at the Crooked Tree Arts Center in Petoskey.


Professionally I also photograph homes for real estate and pets for their humans. When I'm not photographing, I can be found hugging trees, digging in dirt, momming to our human child and cuddling with our fur child, working with my better half at Lakehouse Creative and enjoying life in our new home of beautiful northern Michigan!

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